How to Get the PERFECT Self Tan!

So since Spring is here (in some places) and Summer is just around the corner people are beginning to crack out their bronzers and self tanners – I know I am!

Not too long ago I stumbled across a youtube video by Carli Bybel about her a self-tanning product that she uses. Being as pale as I am I was eager to see which product she was raving about! Carli was talking about Million Dollar Tan and I was completely sold… honestly, I would probably buy anything that Carli raves about because I idolize her (definitely recommend her videos!)

You can watch Carli’s Million Dollar Tan video HERE.

Million Dollar Tan has a few different tanning products but I went with Cabana Tan which is basically just a body lotion that gives you the perfect bronze! It goes on white and it gradually darkens within 6 hours. It doesn’t transfer onto your clothes or bedsheets so you can literally put it on, get dressed, and go out or go to bed haha! It’s not streaky whatsoever which I think is one of the main concerns when using self tanners. I also love that this product isn’t too pricey. Carli has a coupon code for %10 off that I used when I purchased my Cabana Tan; I believe the code is just “carli”!

Even though Cabana Tan is a buildable colour (you can put multiple layers on to get the colour you want) the Cabana Tan formula also comes in an “extreme” version for people with maybe a bit darker of a skin tone to begin with or if you want to be even more tanned! There is also a Cabana Tan face formula as well! I haven’t tried it but I really like that they made a separate one for the face.

Million Dollar Tan also doesn’t use harsh chemicals so that makes this product that much greater! ❤

Plus there packaging is really cute 😉

I haven’t been able to get any good before and after pictures but you can see Carli’s results in her video that I linked up above!

I totally recommend this product if you’re looking to get an affordable, at home, SAFE tan 🙂

Let me know if you decide to try it out!



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