Sephora Birthday Gift!

Hi again!

So I’m turning 20 this month and during your birthday month, if you’re a Beauty Insider at Sephora you can pick up a free gift! The current birthday gift is a mascara and lipstick from Make Up Forever.



So my first impression of the mascara is that the brush is HUGE! You can see in the last picture that it is quite large. I found it a bit hard to work with since it is almost as big as my eye! I would have to say this mascara is nothing special to me, but I feel like it did make my eyes look a little bigger. I do not think I would purchase this product, nothing super special about it :/

The lipstick on the other hand is very moisturizing and smooth on the lips. It feels almost like Baby Lips? It’s not heavy or anything and goes on naturally, hence the name Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick! I really love the formula of this lipstick and the colour is a pretty burnt reddish pink colour. Super wearable!


Excuse my wet hair but here’s a makeup look using both the mascara and lipstick!

Thanks to Sephora for a free birthday gift, can’t complain about that 🙂

Thanks for reading loves ❤


2 thoughts on “Sephora Birthday Gift!

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