This is my first time writing a post from my phone so I’m hoping all goes well :/
Anyways, I just turned 20, sad I know. I’m no longer a teenager and I officially consider myself an adult BOOOO

Besides that I did just arrive in Montreal, Canada with my Grandma. I’ve never been anywhere else in Canada besides my home province, British Columbia so this is all new and exciting to me! My Mom’s side of the family is from Quebec so I’ve got many family and friends here to visit!
The Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs right now too which makes everything much more intense here in Montreal!


So the point of this post was to say that I got a lot of beauty products for my birthday and I was curious of anyone would be interested in a birthday haul? I think I may do one because I like getting some feedback from you guys on some products that I haven’t yet tried 🙂
And depending on how much shopping I do in Montreal maybe there will be a Montreal haul as well?? Not sure.
Let me know if you enjoy hauls! I personally love them but some people see it as bragging?

I’d love some feedback, thanks ❤


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