First Impressions: Victoria’s Secret Self-Tanning Lotion

Two first impressions posts in a row? I’m just really into trying new products lately I guess!

Now that it’s Summer I’m more into self-tanning because let’s be honest, I’m pale as FUUHH. And I don’t tan. At all. I just won’t change colour, I don’t know why. So I’m always on the look out for affordable, easy to use, quality self tanners. I first came across the Victoria’s Secret Self-Tanning Lotion in this video by Casey Holmes and she’s a self tanning QUEEN so I trust her judgement. Luckily for me they just opened Victoria’s Secret in the mall close to me so I was super eager to go pick this up and give it a try!

I decided to get this little trio that came in a reusable case thing so I can try a couple of other things from VS’s tanning line.


It came with the self tanner, an body scrub, and a bronzing stick for $28.

I have yet to try the body scrub which you’re supposed to use before you self-tan and the bronzing stick gives a nice colour; I’m just not sure how or where I’ll use it?

As for the self tanner, I’m very impressed. It’s like a brown gel with a little bit of shimmer that you just rub all over. It does give a slight instant bronze and then becomes darker over the next couple of hours. It does stay a bit wet so I wouldn’t recommend wearing your nice clothes right away or jumping on your bed because I’m not sure if this stuff will transfer. Once it has set, it’s got great staying power! It’s been 2 days since I put it on and the colour still looks great. I will say it does have that self tanner smell, nothing I don’t mind dealing with though. Once my mini runs out and once I finish my Million Dollar Tan I think I’m going to opt for the Victoria’s Secret self tanner over the MDT because it’s more accessible, cheaper, and I like the colour it gives a lot more I think! I definitely recommend this self tanner! The full size is about $18 in Canada. This product gave me a great first impression!


Here is a picture of my arm with no self tanner vs. my leg with the VS self tanner!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you decide to try it out 🙂


6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Victoria’s Secret Self-Tanning Lotion

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