Deal of the Day!

So I saw on Instagram that Tarte was going to be on QVC and I thought I’d take a look to see if there were any deals I’d be interested in and this is what I actually ended up purchasing:a251480

This is the Tarte Coloured Clay Complexion Primer and Camouflage Tool. The Tarte primer retails for about $41 CAD and the cool double ended brush retails for about $43 CAD.

Now… Guess how much this set is going for on QVC… $32.72 USD!!!! Like are you kidding me?  YES PLEASE!

The only problem is, is that QVC no longer ships to Canada 😦 BUT, I may be able to help! I don’t live to far away from the Canadian/American border and they have businesses (on the American side) where you basically sign up and you can send your packages to their American address and then pick it up there and pay a small fee! Now I’m not sure if these are all over the states but you can google the nearest American city to you and check it out. I personally use The Letter Carrier and it’s sooo convenient because sometimes shipping rates to Canada are absolutely NUTS! Or some places just don’t even ship to Canada LOL.

So anyways, with shipping and taxes I paid about $40 USD for stuff that retails for about $84 CAD…

Hopefully this post was able to solve some #CanadianProbelms. Let me know if you decide to buy anything! They’ve got some great deals!


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