Lush Haul ✿

Hey guys! So the other day I was able to hit up the Lush store (all of them are so far away from me 😦 ) And I picked up a few goodies!


I purchased: Charity Pot, Mask of Magnaminty, Tea Tree Toner Tab, and the Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb.

  1. Charity Pot is a body lotion that smells like chocolate and flowers – I’m obsessed with the smell! And that’s not even the best part… %100 of the proceeds go to a whole whack of different grassroots charities! You can read more about it here 🙂
  2. Mask of Magnaminty is a mask I’ve heard a lot about throughout the beauty community and it’s all natural just like the rest of Lush’s products so I thought it would be great to try. It smells like mint 😀
  3. The Tea Tree Toner Tab is something I’ve never tried before but seemed like a cool concept and like it could benefit me! Here’s Lush’s description:

“This steamer tab is full of the best ingredients for toning troubled skin. Deep-cleansing tea tree oil keeps skin clean and clear, and kind, cooling aloe vera soothes the irritation often associated with blemishes. Our solid, preservative-free toner tabs are the gentlest way to treat your skin to a spot of aromatherapy. Dropped into a bowl of hot water, it gently dissolves, releasing the steam that’s great for opening up your pores and allowing the essential oils to be absorbed.”

4. The Granny Takes a Dip Bath Bomb is a new product at Lush and honestly just looks really cool – it makes your bath water turn into a rainbow swirl!! I think I may cut this into 4 pieces because this thing is huge!

Let me know what some of your favourite Lush products are in the comment section! I really love this company and all their products, I hope they open a store closer to me soon 😉


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