My First MAC Lipstick!

You’re probably surprised to hear that this is my first ever MAC lipstick! I picked it up at a Cosmetics Company Outlet  in Palm Springs for only $11.75 USD! Now in Canada, MAC lipsticks go for $19 CAD so that’s a pretty good deal!

There wasn’t a huge variety of shades at the CCO and only 2 shades popped out at me. The one I actually purchased which is Shy Shine and Angel (made famous by Kim Kardashian). I swatched them both and I just felt that Shy Shine just worked a lot better with my skin tone.


mac lipstick, shy girl

Shy Shine is a lustre finish and the MAC website describes it as a “shimmering mauve” – To me it’s more of a pinky/rose nude opposed to a mauve colour? I find this lipstick to be moisturizing and have a nice glossy finish, it’s a neutral-ish colour that goes well with so many different looks!



MAC was one of the only makeup brands I knew about when I first started using makeup and was actually some of the first makeup products I owned. Since then I haven’t been that much into MAC but I really find their limited edition collections to be super enticing 🙂

What are some of your favourite MAC products?!


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