My New Daily Face Primer – Philosophy’s The Present Primer Review ♡

Hola chica’s!

I’d like to introduce to you the current face primer I’m using. I always like sticking to one primer until it’s finished because I feel like switching up primers everyday will mess with my skin :/ Does anyone else feel that way to?
Anyways, I’m currently using Philosophy’s The Present Invisible Skin Perfecter primer.

philosophy primer

This primer is $36 for 2 oz. of product.

Here is what has to say about this product, this is what drew me to this primer in the first place!:

This must-have secret weapon lets you look like you have an impeccable complexion, around the clock, while helping to prevent breakouts. For daytime, the oil-free moisturizing essential primes skin for makeup and locks in hydration while keeping contaminants at bay. The result is a face that looks 100 percent better with 50 percent less makeup. At night, sleep beautifully as the unique formula helps seal in your treatment products and moisturizers while providing natural antibacterial benefits and a naturally flawless-looking finish.

I like that this primer contains Lysozyme which helps fight bacteria, therefore helps keep your skin clear! I have noticed that my skin is looking a lot better since I’ve started using this primer 😀

This product is quite thick and can feel a bit greasy when you’re rubbing it into your skin but once it has sunk in it no longer feels greasy. This product claims to be “oil-free”, yet when you look at the ingredients there is clearly lavender oil in it… So if you have a more oily skin type you might not like this product. You can also definitely smell a lavender scent when you’re applying it but the smell doesn’t last.

You have to let this product sink into your skin for 2 minutes (says right on the bottle) and it gives you a nice soft, airbrushed finish just like it claims to do! Even though this product contains lavender oil my skin doesn’t get oily looking throughout the day and this primer is great at keeping my skin moisturized. It makes my makeup look so much better than my previous primer (Smashbox Blemish Control) and it makes my makeup last all day!

This product is super versatile, can be used under makeup, on its own, day or night! I’ve really been loving this primer and I definitely recommend it, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin!

What primer are you currently using?


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