A New Beauty Subscription Box?!

Hello beautiful!

I recently watched Danna Ann’s Favourite Lip Products Giveaway video on YouTube where she also talks about a new monthly subscription box called Lip Monthly. And if it wasn’t obvious, it’s all about lip products; from glosses, lipsticks, balms, and stains they’ve got it covered. It’s $10/month (comparable to Ipsy) and you can choose from 1 month, 4 month, or annual plans! Unfortunatly for Canadians we have to pay shipping and taxes (no taxes if you’re American, not sure about the shipping fees though). Each month you’ll get 2-3 full sized products and 2-3 sample sized products (deluxe sample sizes perhaps? I’m not sure).

Here’s a video of an unboxing so you can see an example of what you could get!:

Of course, with my Ipsy subscription ending next month decided I would give this subscription box a go 🙂

I also used the coupon code 1ST299 to get my first box for only $2.99!

Here’s the price breakdown for a 4 month subscription:

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 6.36.16 PM


I’ll be getting my first box in September and I can’t wait to show you guys!

Let me know if you decide to give this subscription box a try! ❤


6 thoughts on “A New Beauty Subscription Box?!

  1. Did you see my Battle of the $10 Boxes: Birchbox vs Lip Monthly? I gave it a try, but it just wasn’t for me. I’m not saying anything negative about Lip Monthly. I think they’re doing a lot with a little. Any who, I’ll be looking forward to the review!

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