Empties #2 ♡ Will I Repurchase?


I’m back with another empties post! This is basically where I talk about my garbage, I give a mini review and tell you if I like it enough to repurchase it!



  1. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter – I thought this body butter was quite thick (compared to the Body Shop Body Butter) and takes a bit of work to rub it into your skin. None the less it moisturizes very well and is one of my favourite scents! I think I still prefer the Body Shop’s Body Butter over this one but if I were to see an intriguing scent by Pacifica, I wouldn’t mind picking it up (given that I don’t have 50 million other lotions at home like I do right now…) Rating: 8/10
  2. Bath and Body Works Mini Candle – Peach Bellini – This scent is described as, “A delicious twist of juicy peach, white apricot and fresh mango”, and it obviously smells amazing! I’m not seeing this candle on their website anymore but you might be able to track down some left over summer candle scents in store. This scent usually comes back often for spring/summer collections so don’t fret. I love Bath and Body Works candles and I’ll be sure to be purchasing more when my stock starts to run low 🙂 Rating: 10/10
  3. MAC Complete Comfort Creme – I wrote a post about this being my holy grail moisturizer quite a while ago and since I’ve finished it I have yet to repurchase it because there are a few other moisturizers I have on my list to try. So far, I think this is still my holy grail moisturizer. There is a possibility that I will repurchase this in the future if I haven’t found a new holy grail moisturizer! You can read my post about it here 🙂 Rating: 9/10
  4. Victoria’s Secret Self Tanner (travel size) – This is my holy grail tanner and you know I’ll be repurchasing this once my backups run out! You can see my review on this product here 🙂 Rating: 10/10
  5. Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara – I actually really liked this mascara. Would I repurchase it? Probably not, I’ve got way to many other mascara’s to use up. Plus, I’d rather cheap out on mascara because I feel like you can find just as good mascara’s from the drugstore for a lot cheaper! This was just a free birthday gift from Sephora, you can see pictures of it here! Rating: 8.5/10
  6. Up & Up Cleansing Cloths x2 – Even though I went through two packages of these, they sucked. They dried out fairly quickly even with proper storage and they didn’t leave a nice feeling on my face 😦 Will not be repurchasing these! Rating: 3/10
  7. Elf Tone Correcting Powder – This is my 2nd or 3rd one of these bad boys and, obviously, I really enjoy this powder! It evens, brightens, and sets my makeup perfectly! And at around $3 you can’t really beat it! I’ll probably repurchase this again in the future, but as for now, I’m testing out some other setting powders 🙂 Rating: 9/10
  8. Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer – This is kind of random but I put this on my desk at work because I hate when my hands feel dirty and I just need something I can quickly grab and clean my hands with! I probably won’t repurchase this particular brand cause I have no idea where this one came from but I like keeping hand sanitizers around. Rating: 9/10

I’d say that was a pretty successful empties post 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading ❤




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