Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Definition Mascara Review!

I got a deluxe sample size of the Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel Definition Mascara in one of those “Sephora Favourites” bundles and I was pretty excited to try it because duh, Marc Jacobs?! Here’s what it looks like:



Here is what it claims to do:

“Innovation for your eyes only. This next-generation mascara combines an innovative, triangular brush with exclusive E-Lash-Tic Lash™ technology to create the ultimate glossy lashes. The special formula contains micro-crystalline powders that coat and stretch your lashes for maximum length, definition, and curl, while providing a rich, smooth application that never clumps. Available in the blackest, shiniest black on the market, Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara will make your lashes flake-8914proof, run-proof, and life-proof.”

And in that respect, I guess it does what it claims to do! This mascara gives your lashes a very glossy look, different from any mascara I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t clump and it gives decent definition. I think this mascara would be good for those “no makeup, makeup looks” haha. The formula kind of reminds of spider writers hahaha! Personally, this mascara is a no go for me due to the fact that I feel like it didn’t volumize whatsoever and that’s what I mainly look for in a mascara. And when it comes to taking this mascara off ohhhh lord get ready for a battle! It comes off in little pieces and it sticks to your face and gets in your eyes and it’s just a mess of a process. I am determined to finish the tube though because I am not a quitter. I am seein this baby through to the end!

Overall rating: 5/10


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