Tarte Coloured Clay CC Primer Review ❀

I got the Tarte Coloured Clay CC Primer a couple months back and I’m finally getting around to sharing my opinion on it! First, let’s read Sephora’s description:

“Buff your way to complexion perfection with this revolutionary correcting stick. Infused with Tarte’s new color-correcting Amazonian colored clay, this powerful, skinvigorating™ primer blends easily to help brighten skin, even skintone, blur imperfections, and neutralize redness and discoloration. Use this multitasking corrector before foundation as a color-correcting primer or alone as light coverage for an allover flawless look. Its antioxidant-rich formula delivers the perfect balance of color correction and coverage with a soft, matte finish.”

What drew me to this product in the first place is that it is a colour correcting primer that included the s1577840-main-hero-300colour green which helps cancel out redness. I suffer from acne so anything that MIGHT help the redness is worth a shot. Basically everything in Sephora’s description above is spot on. It really helped even out my skin tone and brighten it up. It left a nice matte finish that really did seem to blur imperfections. This primer doesn’t feel like your average primer though, it does not have that silicone feel (which I kind of like). This primer doesn’t really help your makeup last longer so if that’s what you’re looking for you may have to double up on primers.

My big downfall with this primer is that it broke. Me. Out. I didn’t realize it at first but when I stopped using that primer for a bit the breakouts cleared up. Pretty disappointed about that. I just ended up giving it to my Mom.

I am now a bit hesitant to try any of Tarte’s other face products in fear that they’ll break me out as well :/ Has anyone else experienced the same thing with Tarte? What are some of your favourite Tarte products?

Thanks for reading ❤


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